Taralli are the symbol of the Apulian food excellence. They are traditionally made and oven-baked, by using healthy ingredients such as tomato, onion, fennel or chilli pepper. The ingredients are all rigorously Italian and typically Apulian: white wine, olive oil and extra virgin olive oil, soft wheat flour “00” type, durum wheat flour and natural flavourings.


The artisan production method, the finest ingredients and the special boiling make taralli crispy and crunchy, in accordance with the traditional recipe. After the dough is kneaded, it is rolled into smaller sticks whose dimensions can vary according to taste. Our taralli have sticks about 1 cm large and 8-10 cm long.


The two ends of the stick are now pinched together in order to form a ring. As the tradition goes, before being baked, taralli are cooked in boiling salted water for a few minutes. Then, they are drained and dried. Finally, they are placed on baking trays.


The high quality of our products allowed Nonna Mariangela to be the official supplier of Alitalia, the Italian airline, from 2010 to the beginning of 2014. Thanks to their typical taste, our taralli were the snack on board of Alitalia flights.