The brand new frozen ready meals Orecchiette with Turnip Tops, Broad beans with Chicory, Cavatellucci with Beans and Rice Potatoes and Artichokes, come from ancient recipes of the Apulian cuisine.
After accurate researches and repeated trials, Nonna Mariangela from April 2017 introduces her dishes not only to vegetarian people, but also to those who have married the vegan philosophy.
The vegetables, the exalted smells of the extra virgin olive oil of Apulia, well mixed among them exalt in a particular way other flavors of our land, like the broad beans, the chicory, the potatoes, the artichokes, all cultivated at Km 0.
Our dishes have the objective to complement the ones based on quinoa, soy, etc., used a lot in the vegan cuisine, giving to who tastes these dishes the chance to enjoy typical meals with flavors much closer to the ones of the Mediterranean cuisine.