The goodness of Nonna Mariangela: products coming from Apulian secular recipes, through innovative solutions that do not disregard the flavors of tradition, today are ideal for every taste, for people of any religion and philosophy of life that pass also through the feeling good at the table.

Ever since symbol of Apulian excellences, these products are made according to the tradition and cooked in the oven and made precious from natural ingredients, like tomato, onion, fennel or chili pepper etc.

Taralli are worked in a meticulous way and according to the recipe of the past, using simple and natural ingredients, strictly Italian and typical Apulian: extra virgin olive oil, wheat flour “OO”, durum wheat flour, natural flavorings.

The artisan production, the quality of the raw materials and the particular boil, make them crumbly as tradition wants and how the palate appreciate them. A goodness all Apulian with typical flavor that allowed Nonna Mariangela to become official supplier of Alitalia from 2010 till the first months of 2014, offering its delicious taralli on board of all the flights. After a biennium during which an accurate process of internalization have been carried out, today the taralli are appreciated in the most prestigious Russian food chain Azbuka Vkusa, in delicatessen of the United Kingdom, Germany, France and North Italy in addition to Japan, Arab Emirates and in Italian shops.

They are high quality products and are proposed, in addition to Halal, with certification Organic and VeganOk.