The brand new frozen products single dose are prepared fully according with the criteria of the authorities that have released the Halal certification for these products. Broad beans and chicory and Orecchiette with turnip tops fully respect the centuries-old traditional recipe, in Rise potatoes an mussels and in Cavatellucci with beans just a few ingredients have been changed from the original recipe, but have been substituted from others that have even exalted the flavor of this meals particular and unique. Long research and repeated trials have allowed at the end of 2016 to introduce and let Muslim people taste this typical and unique dishes in the world.
Ready in a few seconds, they can be heated with three cooking modes: conventional oven, microwave, pan or bain-marie. From Orecchiette with turnip tops, to Cavatellucci with beans, recipes that offer in a second the ancient flavors of the authentic Apulian goodness.